Monday, August 17, 2015

Sa-Choom dance performance

Hey, guys!

Today I prepared something special for you!
 Due to my participation in K-performance supporting program, I had an amazing opportunity to visit a Sa-Shoom dance show which was held last Tuesday (August 11) in Sa-Choom theater/ Cinecore building. It is pretty easy to find the place (thanks to popular tourist destination - 청계천 steam and the largest 학원 I have ever seen - Pagoda, which is right in front of the stream).
 I met another supporters near the theater and all together we went to the show. It was my first time visiting such a performance and I wasn't expected to see so many people! All seats were occupied, what means this guys are pretty popular among both tourists and locals.

 Talking about the performance, I want to admit that it was really good! Guys created an amazing atmosphere of fun and happiness by dancing, acting and singing at the same time.
 They made a story by combining different episodes from peoples lives and mixed it with dance and songs. Another important aspect is that everything was translated from korean to five languages. That made viewers from different countries understand easily the main idea of Sa-Choom performance.

 Personally, I really admire the way guys interacted with people. We danced together with them, laughed and just enjoyed the evening. All jokes and funny situations on the stage made laugh everyone and it seemed so natural to have a good time with the actors. So I was quite disappointed at the end of performance. It was too short!:)
 To sum up, I would like to say thank you to Korea Tourism Organization for this show and opportunity to visit it and, of course, to all K-Performance supporters for the great evening and new friends!
 Here are some pictures I took due the show, I hope you'll enjoy them! Have a good day~

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