Monday, August 17, 2015

Sa-Choom dance performance

Hey, guys!

Today I prepared something special for you!
 Due to my participation in K-performance supporting program, I had an amazing opportunity to visit a Sa-Shoom dance show which was held last Tuesday (August 11) in Sa-Choom theater/ Cinecore building. It is pretty easy to find the place (thanks to popular tourist destination - 청계천 steam and the largest 학원 I have ever seen - Pagoda, which is right in front of the stream).
 I met another supporters near the theater and all together we went to the show. It was my first time visiting such a performance and I wasn't expected to see so many people! All seats were occupied, what means this guys are pretty popular among both tourists and locals.

 Talking about the performance, I want to admit that it was really good! Guys created an amazing atmosphere of fun and happiness by dancing, acting and singing at the same time.
 They made a story by combining different episodes from peoples lives and mixed it with dance and songs. Another important aspect is that everything was translated from korean to five languages. That made viewers from different countries understand easily the main idea of Sa-Choom performance.

 Personally, I really admire the way guys interacted with people. We danced together with them, laughed and just enjoyed the evening. All jokes and funny situations on the stage made laugh everyone and it seemed so natural to have a good time with the actors. So I was quite disappointed at the end of performance. It was too short!:)
 To sum up, I would like to say thank you to Korea Tourism Organization for this show and opportunity to visit it and, of course, to all K-Performance supporters for the great evening and new friends!
 Here are some pictures I took due the show, I hope you'll enjoy them! Have a good day~

Friday, July 24, 2015

First experience as a K-performance supporter!

Hello friends and strangers!

 I would like to present you my first mission article as a Korea performance supporter in South Korea this summer!
 First of all, I want to introduse our purpose and talk about who, actually, K-performance supporters are.
 It is kind of a volonteering opportunity for foreigners which was given by Korea tourism organisation (KTO) and our "boss" is an Event team of KTO. I applied to be a supporter this spring and almost immediately received a positive answer. So now "I'm in!". I knew that I will be in Korea for about two month this summer so I persuaded it as a chance to meet new people, see a lot of interesting performances and, of course, do my favorite thing - tell people about my experience! As I have already had a chance to write for KTO, but only Russian branch, I thought it would be interesting to challenge myself in writing for more wide audience in English.
 So, what do we do?
Honestly, just enjoyng various performances and events held in Korea, like: festivals, championships, culture events and programs etc. We have an amazing chance to experience it and share our excitement with other people, make a suggestions, recommendations and write about it, using the SNS, to let people know about that.

Who: foreigners from all over the world
Where: South Korea
Why: to spread Korean culture and let people know about interesting things happening in Korea.

 Huh, now you know about my mission and I can share my first challenge with you!
 As a supporter, I had an opportunity to take part in a Korea In Motion Festival Show Case and 2015 City Slide Festa, which were held is Seoul (Sinchon station) last Saturday (18th July). Everyone could watch a performance near the slide free of charge but to enter the sity slide you had to have a ticket, which KTO kindly gave to all selected participants.

In total, there were four performances from 2pm till 5pm and I watched tree of them but, unfortunately, missed the last and, probably, the most interesting one. I also want to add that I really like an area where the festival was held. Sinchon is a popular destination among young people. You can enjoy the performance, have a cup of coffee in a cafe, eat delicious korean food or even do some shopping! Anyway, I hope you will enjoy my review and first mission as a 4th K-performance supporter~ So let's get started!

"Painters Hero" 

  First performance we watched was a fantastic art show by "Painters Hero" team. These guys did an amazing job on the stage and, I'm sure, impressed everyone. Actors were very funny and charming. By making such hard paitings in a few minutes, they showed us both professionalism and passion, which is very important for each artist. Guys were playing for the audience, smiling, dancing, enjoying their performance and having fun. It helped the audience to enjoy their performance as well. I also liked their team work and behavior, they were really excited about what they did. And, of course, paintings were amazing, especially, the last one, in a traditional asian style! To sum up, the performance was exciting, dynamic and fun. 
 I totally satisfied with it and I recommend everyone who visit Korea to join the show of this talanted team! Here are some shoots of their performance~


  Second performance we had a chance to see was a music show by "Fanta-stick"! And, I swear, I'll never forget this breathtaking sounds of korean traditional instuments and powerful percussion! This performance was truly exciting! I like the idea of using drums and I also appreciate using some traditional korean instuments, melodies and costumes. This performance is definitely catching an eye.
 I like this performance most of all because these guys had an amazing energy and charisma to attract people's attention by screaming, cheering up and giving shining smiles to everyone. I'm more than satisfied with their interaction with the audience (I even had a chance to receive a "high five!" from one of the actors at the begining of the drum performance!). Moreover, special "thank you" to their female drumer for her solo, it was really good!
 So, if you want to hear some traditional korean melodies and song mixed with energetic percussion performance, then you should definitely visit one of the music shows of "Fanta-stick" team! Enjoy my pictures~
  Finally, the last show I have seen on the festival was a dance performance by "Sa-Choom"! I had a great expectations before the show because I'm really into dancing! And I was truly surprised to see so many various dance styles in thier performance!  Breathtaking dance show, it's definitely my piece of cake! I totally felt in love with it as a dancer! I like the mix of different dance genres because the performance looks fresh and modern. And it really was! I enjoyed the surprise at the end - k-pop dance! It was a huge plus and, I am sure, all K-pop fans enjoyed it as well. Also, I liked a break dance part and lovely duo of male and female on the stage. Actors were interacting and talking to the audience and I felt their sincerity and passion. However, female dancers looked less professionally rather than boys, I liked them as well! I think, I'll never stop admire a team work of koreans but really... it's half the battle.
Well done, guys!

 To sum up, I had a great day on the Korea In Motion Festival and I wish I could visit it again! Thank you, K-supporters and KTO, hope to see all of you soon!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Добро пожаловать Южную Корею!

Говорят, чего только не сделаешь ради своей мечты... Если действительно чего-то желаешь, горы свернёшь на пути к своей цели! Горы мне свернуть не удалось, но вот в Корее я, наконец, очутилась, перечеркивая напрочь слова из моей давней статьи для Организации туризма в Корее: "Никогда не доводилось мне бывать на родине восхитительно богатой и древней культуры - в Южной Корее".
Желаю каждому, кто мечтает посетить Корею, навсегда перечеркнуть такие слова и стремиться! Нет абсолютно ничего невозможного, пусть мой пример будет этому ярким доказательством!

Прежде всего, хотелось бы сказать, что мой блог будет исключительно для постов с полезной информацией, связанной с жизнью в ЮК. Моя цель - поделиться с читателями своим опытом и ответить (по возможности) на все вопросы, которые все чаще начали приходить мне в виде личных сообщений в соц. сетях. Теперь ответы на все вопросы будут здесь. Любой желающий может взять себе кое-какие аспекты на заметку:) 

В целом, у меня будет два ресурса для информации и собственных наблюдений. Первый - здесь, на русскоязычном блоге, что будет очень удобно для всех русскоговорящих. Второй ресурс - англоязычный видео-блог на Youtube, о котором я расскажу позже.

Добро пожаловать!~

P.S. Почти все фотографии в блоге будут моего авторства, для дальнейшего распространения прошу обращаться ко мне.

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